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What is StoriesRx?

StoriesRx is a community of chronic pain warriors that use a RESEARCH-BASED approach to write and share our deep life stories for better mental and physical health.

                 Writer – Researcher 

          Podcaster – Photographer

Dear Fellow Chronic Pain Warriors, 

If you suffer from chronic pain and associated feelings of hopelessness, loneliness, 

and depression, I feel for you, because I’ve been there myself.


Chronic pain can result in conditions including:


* fibromyalgia
* chronic fatigue
* migraine headaches                 
* irritable bowel
* sensitivity to light, touch, and sound

These diseases are real and often devastating, but there’s HOPE!

Research shows we can decrease the symptoms of these painful conditions by rewiring 

our neural pathways through reading, writing, and sharing our experiences.


This process is EMOTIVE BIBLIOTHERAPY and my system is STORIESRx. 

It changed my life, and it can help you, too.

Please sign up for my soon-to-be-released podcast, Heal Me!  where we discuss our stories for better brain health.

May the Spirit in you be victorious!  

Jen Yontz-Orlando, MBA, MLIS 💕


Jen's Memoir Stories

“Who Are You?”

This story documents the night of terror when the narrator’s son experienced his first psychotic break. This night, reality was bent by delusions and paranoia, and the family was never the same again.



Here, the narrator describes how her father was emotionally triggered by a young runaway colt that reminded him of the identical twin brother who had died many years earlier in a tragic car crash. As a result, the narrator learns her father has deep emotional scars that she can only imagine.


“Sr. Josephine”

In this short story, the narrator attempts to find a proper learning environment for her young son, who has difficulties reading. Sadly and to her astonishment, she could not find it at her local parochial school and had to look further into other options.


My Mission & Vision

My MISSION is to create a healing environment and writing framework for chronic pain sufferers. To this end, we share our deep life stories with dignity, compassion, understanding, and beauty. Then, we release these stories with kindness and gratitude– and with our newfound perspective, create productive and healthy new stories that benefit all life.

My VISION is to build a better present and future for ourselves, our families, communities, and the world.

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